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Memorial Symposium celebrating 100 years of the concept of macromolecules

On 12 March, 2020, the Japanese Society for Polymers (SPSJ) will hold a ceremony to celebrate 100 years of macromolecular chemistry in Tokyo.

Hermann Staudinger proposed that rubber, resins, and many biomolecules are in fact high molecular weight compounds in 1920, which he called “macromolecules” in 1922. His finding and subsequent works were awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1953. It is amazing that the great breakthrough of synthetic polymers in industrial production occurred in the 20th century. Now, polymers become an indispensable and key element in our modern life so that it is completely impossible to carry out our society without them. Since the beginning Japan has been one of the leading countries in both fundamental science and industrial technology in polymers. 2020 is the 100 year anniversary of the finding of “macromolecules” and the Japanese Society of Polymer (SPSJ) will celebrate the glorious century of the polymers and forecast the future. More information can be found here.