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Survey on National Research Data Infrastructure for Chemistry available

In science, more and more digital research data is being generated. Therefore, concepts for research data management are being sought: Which file formats should be stored in the long term? How and where should the research data be stored? Which information about the experiment / calculation should be stored in the metadata? How can research data be easily found by humans and computer systems?

For chemistry, NFDI4Chem will implement research data management. In addition to university and non-university research institutions, NFDI4Chem also includes infrastructure facilities and the GDCh, the Bunsen Society and the German Pharmaceutical Society. The focus of NFDI4Chem is on the molecule itself and on its properties and reactions.


Are you interested in actively participating in the process? Then please take part in the short survey (, which is online until 15.09.2019. At the end of the survey, this link will be used to show the results.


Further information can be found on the websites of NFDI4Chem ( or the current editorial in Angewandte Chemie (