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The following information contains the legally required information on the provider identification for the Internet presence of the Division of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh).

Fachgruppe Makromolekulare Chemie
Fachgruppe in der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh)
Varrentrappstr. 40-42
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Contact information
Fachgruppe Makromolekulare Chemie
Ms. Dr. Carina S. Kniep
Post-office box 90 04 40
60444 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: 069 / 7917-499

The Division of Macromolecular Chemistry is a - not legally independent - section in the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh). The GDCh is registered in the Register of Associations of the City of Frankfurt / Main under registration number VR 4453.

The Division Macromolecular Chemistry - Section of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh)- is represented externally by its chairman, in the case of prevention by its deputy.

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